Nino Arteiro

I am a Brazilian cryptoartist. I’ve been working with art for fourteen years. Currently I work only with art.

I am a multi-artist and create physical and digital arts: drawing, painting, digital art, photography, electronic music, poetry, audiovisual, performance.

Regarding physical art, as a visual artist, I have the following influences: Lygia Clark, Bispo do Rosario, Pollock, Aelita, Basquiat, Banksy, Vik Muniz, Picasso, Miró, children’s art, indigenous art, prehistoric art, ancient and oriental writings, street and marginal art, psychedelic and mediumistic art.

Some of the subjects that I have already talked about in my cryptoarts: Brazil, censorship, postcapitalism, remix, power, revolution, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, disintermediation, distributed governance, money, financial system and feelings.

I believe that the cryptoartist must seek to exploit to the maximum the potential that blockchain technology enables in artistic creation. It is a new world in the field of art and we have not explored almost anything yet. As Einstein says, creativity is intelligence having fun. Therefore, it is necessary to create, in an intelligent and free way, new forms of expression for us to have as much fun as possible. Let’s go!

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